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Saco River Canoe and Kayak, a favorite livery for over 35 years
Saco River Canoe & Kayak,
a favorite livery
for 48 years!



Saco River Canoe and kayak Rentals: Safety and Code of Ethics





Safety is our number one concern at Saco River Canoe & Kayak. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time, but we also want everyone to have a safe experience. For this reason, the following guidelines are in place:


  • Under NO circumstances will four or more adults be allowed in one canoe.
  • Early in the Spring and late Fall, no more than two adults will be allowed in one canoe.
  • Small children will NOT be allowed in canoes or kayaks in the early Spring or during high-water conditions. Saco River Canoe & Kayak management will make the final decision in these situations.
  • wear a life jacket before going kayakingDue to fluctuating river conditions, we reserve the right to refuse rentals at any time we deem unsafe. One inch of rain brings the river up one foot.
  • Life Jackets are mandatory. Children 10 years or younger MUST wear a life jacket at all times in a watercraft.


Fishing license information


Saco River Canoe & Kayak is a member of the Saco River Recreation Council. The mission of the Recreation Council is to maintain a clean, family friendly river that allows maximum enjoyment for all users of the Saco River. In the spirit of the Recreation Council, Saco River Canoe & Kayak adheres to the following code of conduct for all guests:


  • We will refuse rental due to intoxication or disorderly conduct of any member of the renting group. There will be no exceptions.
  • Any report of intoxication, disorderly conduct, nudity, excessive noise, littering, or other disrespectful behavior may result in the refusal of future rentals to ALL members of the group.




  • Always be courteous and respectful of other river users.
  • Remember you are camping on private property. Do not spoil it for others.
  • Use “down and dead” wood only. Never cut down live trees. It is highly advisable to bring firewood with you.
  • Loading at Swan FallsConsumption of alcoholic beverages in public is illegal in the state of Maine. Police routinely patrol the access points and the river.
  • Pack out what you bring in. There is no excuse for littering and is completely unacceptable under any circumstance.

In order to enjoy your Saco River canoe or kayak trip to the fullest, we recommend the following items:


  • Shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Loading canoes before going into Swan Falls Insect Repellant
  • Dry Clothes
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Food & Drink
  • Warm-weather camping equipment
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel

Shallow and deep by turns, and swift and slow,
There I behold the winding Saco flow.
In early spring, when showers increase its tides,
And melted snows pour down the mountains’ sides,
I’ve seen it, raging, boisterous, and deep,
O’erflow, its banks and through the upland sweep…


“The Village” by Enoch Lincoln, 1816. A resident of Fryeburg, he later became a
Member of Congress and the third Governor of Maine.